Doc management — EFS vs EBS

EFS vs EBS for Document Management System

Finally with thorough analysis we came up with 2 options to migrate to either EFS or S3 ??

  1. EFS IA storage class ( Infrequent Access) to gain cost efficiency
  2. Throughput Mode for better performance
  3. With NFS 4.1
  4. Default comes with multiple Availability Zones (AZs), providing a high level of durability and availability
  5. Auto-Scaling: EFS automatically grows and shrinks as more files are added and removed.
  6. Throughput scale: EFS supports 10+ GB per second and highly concurrent
  7. Requirement was to enable the file modification in memory , which was not possible with S3 object storage.

Results : Lots of improvements compared to EBS

  1. Load was balanced almost equally among 3 front end servers




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Bhaskar Mulugu

Bhaskar Mulugu

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